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Our Online Presence   

St. Michael's Ministry is dedicated to building Celtic Christian Community across the miles, particularly using online technology which has brought so many of us together for the past 30 years.  Inspired by that success, and later by our beloved Father Michael Tesmacher, a priest in the CCC who dedicated his ministry to building relationships as he traveled across the country as well as in his local community, the Celtic Christian Church embraces and has expanded its online ministry which serves the various spiritual needs of those who are at home by choice or confined or limited by illness, age, distances or any reason at all.  

Our various priests and communities have offered Eucharist online for several years, and so we were prepared when the COVID pandemic demanded isolation of so many.  We have determined to continue this online presence for worship, prayer, study, spiritual companionship, and simple fun.  Our online schedule is available here.

We currently offer the following services live via Zoom or recorded and linked from this website:

  • Weekly SUNDAY EUCHARIST on Zoom Sundays at 3 PM Eastern.
    for the Zoom Link contact:

In addition the following is offered periodically or as requested:

  • Spiritual Direction upon request, by appointment only. 

  • Grief Support: Through the Veil, a Celtic Christian spiritual support.

  • Celtic Christian Book Studies. Thursdays 1PM to 3 PM Eastern. Discussion of books, videos, poetry, song, lectures, etc. which connect with or flow from a Celtic Christian spiritual or theological foundation. 



For more specific information on days and times of live Zoom groups offered by the Celtic Christian Church contact:

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