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Let us love as we are loved.

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Inspired by the Celtic Christian spirituality of love and respect for all of God's creation, St. Ciarán's Critter Connection began many years ago as an online network for animal welfare sites.   The mission of "St. Ciarán's Critter Connection" is to support the welfare of animals, particularly in the Pocono Mountain area of PA and anywhere our spiritual family, those who are members or friends of the CCCl finds themselves caring for animals.   When possible, we rescue, foster and try to help owners find homes for pets they can no longer keep.  During this current difficult economic time many homeowners face foreclosure or must sell their homes, and doing so often leaves beloved pets without a home as owners seek rental spaces or double up with other family members or friends.  We don't hear much about the pets even though more and more shelters are closing, again because of the financial crunch of local governments and non-profits.  Giving is down and pets suffer.  Without the help of animal-lovers these pets will most likely face death.

Many spiritual, as well as many religious, people see God in all creation, and particularly in the beauty of life in other creatures.  We believe that we are here as stewards of creation, and as such our efforts are to help those who love animals, to provide better for their needs with food, leashes, cages, crates, blankets, training material, and any other items that will help an animal lover care better for God's creature in their care.

We have adopted many unwanted animals over the years, and know well that fostering and adopting animals brings joy to both human and animal alike.   We know humans can learn from the God-given instincts in many animals in our care, in our world.  We know what animals can do to bring out the best in humans, as well as how humans can create strong relationships with animals.  


We want to do our part to try to help our friends and neighbors find loving homes for the pets they can no longer keep.  All funds given to this ministry will go to the care of domestic pets.

Please consider helping Rev. Holly McClure in this same effort in Georgia!  Her ministry also centers around working with animals, finding homes for unwanted pets, and teaching children to consider the feelings of animals

using her book,   TOO BIG BUCK, as encouragement.

Thank you for your interest and for caring.

Bishop. Cait Finnegan, OMC
The Celtic Christian Church

You can donate through PayPal and use a credit card or a PayPal account.



Some Pics


"Madonna and Child"


You can easily see what spiritual people see immediately...God's Love abounds in this world, for those with eyes to see, ears to hear.











Sneakin' a kiss.  Mom and Dad have some quality time while BabyB is out with Cait playing.

Baby B is the little one with her Mom (above) and in Cait's hand in the first picture at the top of this page.




























Puca, first came to us at 12 weeks. 

These are Pu's modeling poses. Easter bonnet, Christmas Elf, and Winter Wonder Girl.

  She took over the house and stayed until she died in 2016 at 15 yrs of age.
















Honey, a German Shepherd Dog, was rescued from GSD breed rescue at the age of 6 months. She and her sister were put on death row by a backyard breeder who only wanted male Shepherds. She was terrified of everything when we rescued her.  Puca was her best friend.  They accompanied Cait to work each day at the religious shop she and Joe owned.  Honey worked as a service dog until her sudden death at age 9 in January 2008.  She is very keenly missed.












Our fostered German Shepherd.  Her pedigree name is: Kelsi Angell Haus von Bishop.  We knew with that she was sent by God.  After fostering her for 4 months, we adopted her, and she has adopted us.  She is a service-dog-in-training.  She was eager to learn and very intelligent.  A joy to be with.  Kells came at 6 yrs old and, never injured as a pup, she has stepped into Honey's job and was a very happy dog. Her best buddy was little Chihuahua, Bonita.  



Aspen is an American Eskimo.  She was rescued from the American Eskimo Breed Rescue, Heart Bandits, at 6 months of age. She was terrified of men. It took Joe a year to gain her trust so she would stop biting. She grew to love him!  She lived until she was 14.



Caesar is a White Persian Lover.  Occasionally, you might see him or his buddies, Brian Boru or Brigid (below) in St. Ciarán's front window.



Brian Boru was rescued 6 yrs ago. He is a big gentle fellow. Despite some impressions--he is NOT a Halloween cat!  He is the most loving affectionate cat in the house, and has a special affection for the dogs. >




<Brigid's mother was a wild cat we took in, and she gifted us with 7 sick kittens.  Only Brigid survived.  She is now 17 yrs old and the Queen B.



Patrick was adopted after his owner, Sister Patricia Valentine, OMC, passed to the Lord  from cancer.  Patrick brought her a lot of happiness in her final days. Sadly at the age of 4-1/2 Patrick died from internal injuries.





<Kirby is a male rescue cat.  His owner needed to give him and his companion up when her 5 month old child tested severely allergic to cats.  Kirby is 12 yrs old and arrived at our rescue with his friend Gizmo (below) who is an 11 yrs old female calico.  Both are large friendly cats.


This is Kirby's life-long companion, Gizmo, who is 11 yrs old.  She is shy but beautiful and gentle.  She holds her own though.  Giz hid from us for over a week when she first arrived.  Now she lives wherever the action is!



"I'm a star!" Puca in her Easter Bonnet



<Holly, the pizza-loving, cool whip-spoon-holding parrot!  She doesn't get treated with sweets that often, but loves it when she does!  Adopted after her elderly owners died.  Holly loves opera, and loves singing along with the Ave Maria! Holly is 22 yrs old.





Here is Paddy Daly, whistling Tchaikovsky to Kelsi.  Paddy Daly came here at Christmastime many years ago, and so he picked up "The Nutcracker" in a few weeks.  Jingle Bells took him 5 years!

He has several Irish tunes that he uses to entertain.




Bonita (fondly known as Bonnie), a 3 month old Chihuahua was the runt of her litter. Now at her forever home.




If you're thinking about adopting a pet, consider adopting one of God's creatures that is in need of love and a home  There are some great animal shelters and rescue groups in our area.  Give them a  call to adopt, or to volunteer to help!


click here on:







Animal Welfare Society of Monroe

Monroe County's ONLY Animal Shelter

Bringing Hope to Monroe County's Homeless Animals

Open 7 Days  /  Adoption Hours: Mon- Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun:  11 AM - 5 PM

Godfrey Ridge Dr., Stroudsburg, PA 18360

(The old PSPCA building)



We can't say enough about the good they do!



Monroe Animal League, Stroudsburg

PO Box 23

Stroudsburg, PA 18360



Camp Papillon Pet Adoption & Rescue

Pocono Animal Rescue (570) 476-1464

Save-A-Pet, Mt. Pocono (570) 839-5720

Waggin' Tails, Brodheadsville (570) 992-4185

Second Chance Pet Rescue, Bartonsville (570) 620-1023

Pocono Greyhound Adoption (570) 629-3520


Currently donations of pet food and supplies

 for St. Ciaran's Critter Connection can be left at:

St. Ciaran's House of Prayer

476 Birch Drive

Cresco, PA 18326

 Call for times:  570-595-7950

You can also donate here:







Currently Needing Adoption




Introducing Oscar, The World’s First Bionic Cat

By Monique Jessen | Friday, June 25, 2010 11:05 AM ET

The amputee cat has a new spring in his step, thanks to some high-tech prosthetic paws.

After Oscar the cat suffered a terrible accident and lost both of his back paws, his owners thought their beloved feline friend wouldn't survive. But thanks to a revolutionary operation, not only was he saved but he's healthy, happy and back on all four paws again.

The operation, the first of its kind in the world saw veterinary surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick from Surrey attach high-tech custom-made prosthetic paws to Oscar's ankles, during a three-hour operation, reports BBC News. The cutting edge implants, known as ITAP (intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthetics) combine engineering mechanics with biology and if little Oscar is anything to go by, the successful operation could lead to amazing work in the field of human prosthetics too.

Irish-born Fitzpatrick, who is soon to be featured in a BBC television show, The Bionic Vet worked with Professor Gordon Blunn, at University College London to develop the prosthetics and they couldn't be happier with the results. Watching his patient walking around freely, just days after the groundbreaking procedure, he said with a smile: "Oscar has made medical history!" Having lost his paws after a traumatic accident with a combine harvester, the cat will now have to stay indoors but it's a small price to pay considering the extent of his injuries. "I can't tell you how good it feels to keep him alive," the ecstatic surgeon said.

It's a heartwarming, simply puuurrrfect story! Let's hope it leads to even more life-saving operations.



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