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in the 

Celtic Spirit

The following list are some of the liturgies used in our Celtic Christian Communities:


(Links are currently being updated.)

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Original Liturgy of the Celtic Christian Church 1996

Celtic Christian Church's Foundation House Liturgy:

St. Ciaran's  Eucharist

Prince of Peace CCC Community Eucharist


Failte Liturgy

(to welcome new community members)



Other Celtic Christian Church Liturgies:



Celtic Christian Wedding 

Celtic Handfasting

Commitment Ceremony No.1

A Liturgy for the Interment of a Beloved Pet


House Protection Liturgy

There are many Celtic Christian Eucharistic Liturgies for those in the sacramental traditions, as well as non-sacramental Communion Services.

 One we use often is Brendan O'Malley's: A Celtic Eucharist

and it can be ordered online by clicking the link in the title above.

                                      Ordination Liturgy No. 1    Rite of Commissioning Order of Clerics



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