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We invite you to meet us, various members of the Celtic Christian Church.
Interviews were done by Margaret Mary O'Connor


The following is taken from her website:  YOUR RADICAL TRUTH PODCAST.  

You can hear more of her interviews on her website HERE.

About Margaret Mary O Connor 

Margaret Mary O Connor, as a member of the Catholic Laity, thought she knew everything about the Catholic Church, at least until she came upon a centuries-old Scandal of lies and cover-up by the Hierarchy of that Church. Frankly, she was fed up being lied to by her own Church, about its own past Church s History on Women priests. With that realization, she truly felt in that moment the monumental feeling of betrayal by her own Church.

Follow Margaret, as she travels down this Highway of Radical Truth where lies and outright coverup will be disclosed. Millions of Catholics are unaware of that past presence of Women Bishop s, Women Deacons, as well as Women Priests, all there hiding in plain sight, in Early Church History.

As the complicity of this centuries-old Scandal continues, Margaret wants her fellow Catholics to learn the actual truth of this matter for themselves. She strongly believes, at a minimum, any Catholic deserves the actual truth of this matter. To say that change is needed is hardly an understatement. She doesn’t let the Church s betrayal stop her from uncovering some very fascinating Church Skeleton s   one which very well might help solve our current priest shortage issue today.

Margaret Mary O Connor has been called, The Modern Day David on many occasions.

On a mission to reveal carefully guarded secrets of the Catholic Church, she unveils the truth through her well-researched writings.

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Twitter: @yrradicaltruth


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