Invitation to
The Celtic Christian Church's
2022 Spiritual Ceili

Friday evening, October 28th to Monday, October 31st
Harpers Ferry, WV

Our spiritual ceili theme of All Saints and All Souls is built in for us each year when we meet on that last weekend of October or the beginning of November, the month of Samhain.   


Since it will be the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, Samhain in the ancient tradition, our specific theme this year is:



Healing the Wounds/

Celebrating the Gifts"

Life and love within the Communion of Saints!


We will look at our relationships with our personal ancestors in the distant past, as well as those more recent whom we know.

  • How do we learn from them, love them, and experience their love TODAY?

  • How do we share the wisdom passed or learned, and experience, through Grace and Love,any healing needed?

We will join together with the strength of the Communion of Saints' love to heal, rejoice, share good will with those who may still hurt us.


We'll discuss forgiveness,

and how it can happen with unhealed relationships.


As Christians, we pray "Your reign come, YOUR Will be done on Earth as it IS in Heaven," and so we will examine what that requires of us individually. The reality of peace within the Communion of Saints is up to us.


This is intended to be a time of openness to Grace, or God's Life in us, with the goal of Love and peace in our hearts--so that we might live that in our daily lives.

The general agenda is as follows:

Friday:  The weekend will begin officially Friday

evening with our traditional "Failte Service"

including Eucharist.
The evening will then be a social gathering.

Saturday:  Talks and discussions on the theme.

Saturday late afternoon/evening Eucharistic celebration* followed by dinner and a party.

Sunday:  Talks and discussions on the theme and scheduled time for personal prayer, reflection and recreation.

Closing liturgy in honor of All Saints and All Souls.  

We invite you to bring pictures of your deceased family and friends to display as we pray.


Some may leave on Sunday evening. 

Others will check out on Monday.

* We will confer minor orders on one member

of our Church, and receive a novice into the

Order of the Merciful Christ during our Eucharist

on Saturday.

If you have questions contact:

Rev. Laurie Harrington or Bishop Cait Finnegan

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DATES:   The dates are October 28-31, 2022. 


LOCATION:  We have rooms blocked at the Clarion Inn, Happer’s Ferry WV.

PRICE:  The rooms are $104 dollars per night. 

ADDITIONAL COSTS:  Breakfast is included but there is a restaurant on the

premises and others in the area for lunches and dinners.


The DIRECT link to reserve a room* is:

*When making reservations--be sure to indicate THE EXACT DATES** you are reserving.   

Our official starting time for our ceili is Friday evening.

**Note that the DEFAULT reservation options

are from Thursday thru Monday and need

to be changed to the dates you want. 


Thursday night/Friday is a planned gathering

for our Celtic Christian clergy. 

Our ceili begins FRIDAY EVENING.


Others may want to come early as well just to tour

and enjoy the beautiful area around Harpers Ferry.   

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