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One of the traditional wedding locations
Weddings in the Poconos 
~ Indoor or Outdoor Weddings ~
Celtic Christian Weddings & Traditional Wedding Ceremonies
The location is up to you!
 In addition, I am Bishop Cait Finnegan of St. Ciaran's Jurisdiction in The Celtic Christian Church
The Celtic Christian Church is an Independent Old-Catholic Celtic Rite Church with communities in
Pennsylvania, and around the United States.  Some of our priests and deacons around the country
work as chaplains in hospitals and nursing homes, or university professors, or spiritual directors,
and are also pastors of small worshiping communities in house churches or cell groups.
We have priests here in the Poconos, in Eastern PA and you can find others
on our CLERGY PAGE for other areas of the country. 


It is a social event in that it is a public civil legal event,
but it is also YOUR OWN WEDDING to plan as you wish, whether it is large or small and intimate.

For  couples planning to marry, priests and deacons of the Celtic Christian Church offer
wedding ceremony preparation so that the ceremony will include what is meaningful to you
and your vows will be legal AND personal. 
We will sit with you to plan your ceremony so that it will reflect
YOUR love as you express it publicly within YOUR marriage vows. 
We are happy to officiate at your wedding in the place of your choice.  

BEFORE choosing an officiant please read this!

For questions regarding same-sex weddings,
Please feel free to read our Church statement on that here.   
Then call us to plan your wedding in peace.

You can contact us by e-mail at:

or telephone to make an appointment to sit and plan your special day so that you will remember it.
Call to talk about your wedding plans:  Bishop Cait Finnegan,  Tel.  570-242-8756. 



Rev. Margaret Chambers, OMC
 Sacramento, CA

Rev. Ms Deborah Jones
Sacramento, CA
Sebastopol, CA


Rev. Maura Bernard, OSM


Rev. Holly McClure, OSM



Lexington, KY 
Tel: 859-293-5302 



M. Rev. Cait Finnegan, OMC
Telephone: 570-242-8756
Weddings:  Weddings by Bishop Cait in PA, NJ and NY

New York

Pastor Virginia Walsh

Telephone:  516-949-6350


Weddings Website:  Joyful Ceremonies


M. Rev. Cait Finnegan, OMC
Telephone: 570-242-8756
Weddings:  Weddings by Bishop Cait in PA, NJ and NY



Rev. Sharon Henderson, OSM, Vicar

Church of St. Brigid of the Gaels

6553 AmericaBealeton, VA 22712
Tel. 540-439-0666
2111 Owls Cove Lane
Reston VA 20191


Rev. Thomas Marble

"My Life Unto You"  c.2004 Cait Finnegan contact her directly for permission to use


Holding beautiful wedding services outdoors in God's cathedral is a joy for our priests,

and in keeping with Celtic Christian  spirituality...

Our priests and deacons would be happy to help you plan such a wedding. 

Call  570-242-8756.

Statement on Marriage

Deacons and priests of the Celtic Christian Church respect Marriage as the act and commitment of the couple involved, and, as such, we act as an official Witness to the public exchange of vows (representing the Church and according to the laws of the State in question * ).  We declare a couple married before God.  Our Faith teaches that God is Love.  Therefore, we believe that the very Love between the two people who are marrying is, in itself, the very holiness of Marriage, regardless of religious creeds or affiliations.

In addition to legal registration, all weddings witnessed by deacons and priests of the Celtic Christian Church are recorded in our records for future reference. We issue Marriage Certificates suitable for display, as requested by the couple.

Marriage is a serious and sacred relationship between two people. Yet a public marriage is also within a given society (secular &/or religious),

and because we are committed to the well-being of our society and all in it, we are committed to helping those marriages which we witness

to succeed. Therefore, if desired, we offer pre-marital preparation. We also make a commitment to be available,

as far as possible, to the couple after the marriage, should they desire the service of a priest or religious marriage counselor.

We honor all marriage licenses issued in the state where the marriage is performed.

If you think you are in love, here is a good article to read.  We think all couples can benefit from it!

 "I Didn't Love My Wife When We Got Married"


The traditional definition of a VOW is a promise made to God.  A Marriage VOW is a promise made to God to be

 faithful to one's spouse. An additional explanation of a VOW is a promise made to God to do something which is

 BETTER than its opposite.  In the case of marriage vows, this means that making the particular vows of marriage

is the better thing to do, for that particular couple, than NOT making them.

This becomes very personal when you think about it.  To make a vow to do something then, means it is better

to do that thing, than not to do it.  So, for couples marrying one another, it is the better thing for them

 to do before God, better for their souls, better for their personal growth, better in every way,

as God wants only the best for us.

This definition applies to any vows made.  Making the vow, within this definition is BETTER than living

the opposite of it, for the individual involved.  So, for one, a Marriage vow to God, of fidelity to another for life, is the better choice, while,

for another, perhaps a vow of celibacy, or a vow to one of the virtues.  What is of primary importance is that such a vow be taken because

the individual believes, without a doubt, that doing so is God's Will, and therefore the very best thing for that person.

This is how we approach Marriage vows, and it is our intention to help those who make such vows to understand the sanctity

of such a public proclamation.


We do not endorse any particular venues, but are familiar with some that we can tell you about.

A location for your Pocono Mountain Wedding is a major decision when planning your wedding. 

Many Pocono locations are beautiful and welcoming to those doing wedding planning. 

It is important to leave yourself enough time to have the options you want. 

Plan your Pocono wedding carefully, and you will have a more stress-free and memory-filled day. 

You will be able to focus on the sanctity of the day, the better you plan. 

We have been in the Poconos for the past 30 years and have developed relationships with

several of the area's most beautiful resorts.  Weddings at these resorts can be held indoor or outdoor,

depending upon weather and a couple's preference.  The ceremony can include just the wedding itself,

or include the reception on location.  The choice of resort or other area depends again upon the

couple's preference and budget, as well as schedule.  We will be happy to help you find the place best suited for your needs.



You might like to check out the following place as you plan:

Brookview Manor  The folks at Brookview, Gaile and Marty Horowitz, are wonderful people.  If you'd like an intimate setting for your wedding this is a wonderful choice.  You will enjoy the greatest of food, and the hospitality of a country Bed an Breakfast for you and your guests.  Tell them Father Joe Grenier sent you!!

While you are here in the Poconos making your plans, visit where you can experience the service of the family from Brookview Manor. 

Please indicate your name and the date of your wedding so we can keep track of your donations!

The Celtic Christian Church is registered as a Church & is a 501 (c)3

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 to the full extent permitted by law.

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