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 Celtic Christian Church

Hi, I'm Cait Finnegan.  I was born in New York City in 1951 to an Irish family who passed to me the ancient love of music and poetry.  I learned of my heritage at the knee of my beloved grandmother, Nellie Farrell, who sang to me, in the sean nos, of Irish history, of Faith in God, and the importance of family and love.   Faith is a joy, and living it in the CCC is a profound joy in my life.  To whom much is given much will be required!   I invite you to share my world, and get to know the Celtic Christian Church and its members.


I'm an ordained priest in the Celtic Christian Church .  I'm a member of the Order of the Merciful Christ, a ecumenical Celtic religious order dedicated to prayer and the corporeal and spiritual works of Mercy.  

My husband, Joe, and I were married over 35 years and we have one adult daughter who is the blessing upon our love.  I live in community here in PA as part of St. Ciaran's House of Prayer.

Joe and I have worked in Good Tidings Ministry since 1983.  Although this ministry deals with the painful matter of clergy abuse, I must say it has touched my life profoundly, and confirmed my convictions that the Church needs prayerful, spiritual priests and religious who are following their call to serve Christ willingly, and not feeling trapped--or entitled within priesthood or religious life  This has lead me more deeply into a ministry of spiritual direction, and particularly with victims of abuse, as well as with priests and religious, and together, Joe and I  have expanded this ministry to  spiritual direction and guidance to those populations (sexually abused by clergy,  and priests transitioning from clerical life) who are wounded, ignored or shunned by the Church.   It is our mission to share the Good Tidings of God's presence and Love in their lives.  

In 1995 we began a Celtic Christian community in our home, and from that began The Celtic Christian Church.  You can read its history if you are interested.  Later, Joe, a resigned Roman Catholic priest, who was serving as our community priest, and was then elected our first bishop when we joined The Celtic Christian Communion.  

On the day of my own ordination back in 1997 we started Brigid's Bord, as a charitable food and clothing bank for the poor sponsored by the Celtic Christian Church.  We gather and donate to various charities, or individuals. 


I have many personal interests and one is music!  I love music and especially the sean nos or traditional music of the Gaels.  Many years ago a friend of mine strongly suggested I start writing music about what I love.  WOW!  I seemed to start "spewing green stuff" as Irish and Celtic Christian music flowed from the heart, from dreams, from pain, from hope and from Faith.  Over the years I've pulled all the songs and hymns together into an anthology called:  "Ancient Ghosts and Green Heart Songs" on as a collection of poems and songs in the Irish tradition telling the tales of family and friends, of history, and of my Faith in Christ.  I use the guitar (my favorite is my Taylor--named "Sweet Baby James"), and piano, tin whistle, and bodhran to give some fullness to the songs, but mostly I learned to play them as "security blankets" to hold when I sing.   I'm currently building this site for religious and ethnic songs--just for the fun of it!  You can also hear some of these tunes on my Ancient Ghosts YouTube Channel


In addition to music,  I have several other interests, including Christian Church history, and producing live internet radio shows.

Click here to hear some of the shows!

Celtic Christian Church Radio


I love liturgy and ritual, gardening, genealogy, Irish history, reading, and cooking.  I've been studying Irish for so long I should be fluent, but I'm not.  I do love learning and practicing it.  I'm an animal lover, oh yes!  Our home is and has been home to many rescued critters who are part of the family.  We created St. Ciaran's Critter Connection to support the local animal rescue work.


On January 19, 2016 my husband and my best friend, Joe, passed through the veil quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  On May 1, 2016 I was elected the second bishop of St. Ciaran's Jurisdiction and was consecrated on July 16, 2016 here in the Poconos.  As a widow, I commit the remainder of my life to my ministry in the Celtic Christian Church and the Order of the Merciful Christ.

On October 31, 2018 I became Presiding Bishop of the Celtic Christian Church.

If you'd like to talk and get to know more about The Celtic Christian Church,you can write to me at or PM me on Facebook.

WEDDINGS!   I very much enjoy working with couples in planning their weddings, and helping them make THEIR DAY theirs!  Sharing God's Love rather than shoving it down the throat of others!

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Check out our Celtic Christian Church wedding pages here.

At the End of the Day... 

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Reflections on the Celtic Christian journey.

Ancient Ghosts & Green Heart Songs

Songs of Family, Faith, & Heritage

Abuse By Nuns

healing from abuse

Life here is brief, use it to love!


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