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Rev. Mtr. Margaret Chambers is an ordained priest within the OMC and the Celtic Christian Church.

She has recently completed a final year of Celtic Christian studies in the OMC motherhouse in PA in preparation for her ordination to priesthood.

Since joining the OMC, parish ministry has been only one of Sister Peggy's loves.    She's been truly committed and her parish work has been within those areas that most need devoted workers. Sister Peggy goes where God beckons, and makes her home where God places her.  She is at home in rural mission parishes where a nurturing Catholic spirit is what is most needed.  She is also able to make a home in cities where the varied needs of a parish require the commitment and energy that Sr. Peggy willingly gives. 

She currently lives in Redding, CA engaged in a ministry of presence.

Rev. Mtr. Patricia McClellan is a mother and grandmother who lives in El Sobrante, CA.    In her secular work from Monday to Friday, Sr Patti worked as a Legal Assistant in a San Francisco Law Firm.  After hours, she gave her time to working with the poor and to spiritual direction in St. Columba Ministries.    She was ordained a priest in the Celtic Christian Church in 2007.  In addition to her unending studies and reading, she maintains a spiritual blog. Mother Patti can be contacted at:  and you can follow her blogs here:  The Celtic Nun  and  Critical Eye/Comments on Movies, Television, Books and Theater

Rev. Sr. Sheila McCaleb is a wife, mother, and grandmother, as well as an artist.  She lives with her husband in California.  After raising their children, and while enjoying and helping to care for their grandchild, she has returned to studying and making art.  In this short time she has illustrated two children's books, and is currently working on a mixed media image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, using itaglio etching, linocut print, and collage combined. Sr.Sheila is an ordained deacon and continues in seminary and preparing for priesthood.  She can be contacted at:

Mother Cait Finnegan is the widow of Bishop Joseph Grenier and mother to their only daughter. She is mitred abbess of the OMC and presiding bishop of the Celtic Christian Church.  She works as a spiritual director and as director of Good Tidings Ministry.  Mother Cait writes Celtic religious music and songs.  She lives in the OMC Motherhouse in Pennsylvania.  Mother Cait can be contacted at: and you can follow her here: Approaching Iona At the End of the Day, or on her music site Ancient Ghosts.

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